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Calendar 2018
European Turtles and Tortoises in free nature   


Folding Monthly calendar 2018
Closed format ca. 25 x 33,5 cm,
open 50x 33,5 cm.
18,95 € include shipping international.

You can order the book directly by E-mail from the publishers:


© Manuel Wegehaupt

The foldable Calendar 2018 presents unique closeups of european Tortoises and Turtles in their natural Habitats. The top half of the calendar shows a close up photo taken in natural Enviroment in southern Europe with short information about the picture.

The bottom half of the calendar is the calendarium with plenty of space for notes, appointments and birthdays.

Text and days of the week in English, months also in French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

You will certainly enjoy this calendar immensely. A special and welcome gift for tortoise and nature lovers.

18,95 include shipping international.

Pleas send your order per E-Mail:


with posting address, I will then reply with the payment details.


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